lumpy at!
hangin' out =)

just woke up, tired dah.
went to siloso beach with tracie yesterday to tan, i got a little darker, a little sunburn on my face i think? but i got tanner so it's all good =D took pictures of us... and my photo angles suck. hers not much better hahaha. kept taking our flat boobs o_O it's cool that there were like so little people, no one to give us weird stares and whatever. oooh something embarrassing happened. it's like we were laying on our fronts to tan, and i turned to get smething and one side my bikini bottom string came undone and i was SO exposed, hahaha, luckily so little people, no one saw... ewww just imagine there were more people there o_O i would die of embarrassment! anyways, i had fun =) been long since i caught up with her... and i saw that biatch sofrie!!!!! lol. sexy pink shorts o_O woots soooo long since i met him, i miss him =/
after that went to orchard... with crap hair. i so have to go straight from home, if not my hair screws up! met eugene, chen wei and lynette. had sakae sushi. we cheated them out of one plate =) eugene was on a sushi rampage. chen wei and him took alot o_O the sushi was alright... we ordered ala carte... kept eating... i could have eaten more =D but it was all good... after that went to heeren to buy clothes coz' eugene needed chinese new year clothes... then neoprints... the machine was whack! time given was sooo short, couldn't choose fast enough >.< neoprint machines keep cheating our money. this ain't the first time haha =P
then headed home... reached home at 10? around there...

hieu said he waited for me the whole night(his night) which is just too sweet isn't it =/ he's so sweet it's almost a sin =x i doubted him at first, till he said he wasn't on conquer coz' his friend's laptop didn't have conquer. i thought he was playing with someone inside, mainly xiaoling =x anyways, i tried getting online in topshop to get him to sleep hahah and i got online! but everyone wanted to leave topshop, so basically i signed in and signed out there. that was dumb haha.

i wanna put pictures up, but i have to wait till tracie sends them to me... can't wait! =D
it was a fun day in all... it's all good =) enjoyed it thoroughly! =D

you lucked out at 9:25 AM

i wanna be with you* :)

candi :)
i love my cookie, hieu :)
i love eating eating mushy marshmallows, they taste wayyy good :) i like little pony, care bears and sailor moon, my heroes :)
as you can see i love :), the smiley face. and when at home, i'm a total slob. mess everywhere. no table manners. no nothing. ultimate relaxation! muAhahha =D i fear loneliness :(

fellow earthlings
f r e d d y
s a r a

i miss hieu! and i'm sooo tired =/
i got all As for the tests =D

wishes* & dreams*
oooh i wanna be where hieu is :(
i'm going to grow my hair out... i've decided i don't suit short hair too well. they won't stay when styled =/ give me 2-3 months! ahhh so far away >.

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