lumpy at!
treading on rough waters... WHY IS MY TITLE IN PINKISH RED >.<

oooh first post... not a happy one pffft.

hmmm, i've been quarrelling with hieu these past few days... over trivial stuffs. not a good thing. i already spend so little time talking with him... it's just that, i don't know. maybe i'm over-sensitive. like now! i know i overreacted, but these few days he's been not very nice, and i just don't wanna give in anymore. i'm the one msging and talking to him, saying i'm sorry talk to me and stuff, that used to be him. i don't wanna be the one always giving in. this time i'm taking my stand. =/ he's leaving in 10 minutes... and he hasn't msged me. it's funny, i'm wrong, but just coz' he's been mean these few days, i don't want to give in. and the past few days i've been giving in. so yea... i'm stubborn now :) i miss that part of me. i am so not someone to push around -_- i don't even know what's happening now. we need to really talk about us and he's been avoiding that, i brought that up like twice and he said he got to go... twice. which wasn't an excuse but... argh. point is... i want him to convince me we can last. at the rate we're going... we don't have much to say. he doesn't wanna say anything nad when i say stuff, he's like... ok. like what the heck? pffft. i don't know what's going through his mind. someone help me? -_-" ooooh and i so need to see how he looks like! i think i'm pretty shallow. you can't be ugly =x well not ugly ugly. like average? i mean... everyone's like that no? :) ah. he's leaving. he's not msging me. he's determined to take this to the next level... kuku.!
oooh he left... and all he said was: bye im going to class
oooh this is bad. real bad. it's war. hmph.

what's going on...
let me into your world...
let me know you love me...
that i mean so much.

you lucked out at 11:07 PM

i wanna be with you* :)

candi :)
i love my cookie, hieu :)
i love eating eating mushy marshmallows, they taste wayyy good :) i like little pony, care bears and sailor moon, my heroes :)
as you can see i love :), the smiley face. and when at home, i'm a total slob. mess everywhere. no table manners. no nothing. ultimate relaxation! muAhahha =D i fear loneliness :(

fellow earthlings
f r e d d y
s a r a

i miss hieu! and i'm sooo tired =/
i got all As for the tests =D

wishes* & dreams*
oooh i wanna be where hieu is :(
i'm going to grow my hair out... i've decided i don't suit short hair too well. they won't stay when styled =/ give me 2-3 months! ahhh so far away >.

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