lumpy at!
so vexed! =/

AAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!! give me a place to scream out loud and let my emotions run free!!! any suggestions? HIEUUU if you were here you would get the biggest smacking from me, seriously. you just totally totally don't understand my needs and wants. i need lotsa attention. and what do you do? play co. is that game really sooo great, soooo important? do you even love me... you say you do but that's like jsut words. you don't convince me. you don't show it. wha tyou show me is that you don't really give a damn about this whole thing. maybe you do love me, but i'm not all that important. or maybe you're jsut plain dumb, you don't get what i mean, don't know what i want, don't know what i need. i'm feeling so scrwed up inside right now, all these mixed emotions. it's like, shoul di jsut let you go? coz' with each day, we're losing everything bit by bit... and the weird thing is... you don't seem to realise/acknowledge it. i'm the one whos thinking about all these stuff, so maybe i'm being over-sensitive, or i'm over-reacting? or both? but i don't think so. you're kinda reclusive, you don't give a damn about me much... if you have co everything's fine and dandy. when i need you most... you upset me. and what can is ay? whatever i say, youw ill jsut say sweet stuff- not stuff that keeps me satisfied, but stuff that keeps me happy for a moment... i need stuff that really answers to my needs, not a quick fix. now all the quick fix have jumped right up in front of me and they're slapping me so hard i'm falling. everything's just attacking me from all sides now. i'm reeling from the pain >.< (drama yes? that's just me. deal with it.) anyways... hieuuuu i really wanna talk to you about all these feelings pent up inside of me, but like each time i try, something goes wrong or you gtg or something. it's just real crap. you don't understand how much it's affecting me. on the other hand, i don't want you to think you've got the upper hand. like, i've thought of breaking up coz the pain is too much to take. i don't know how much longer i can take this before i fall to pieces. i really want you to listen and have a real heart-to-heart talk with me... convince me you love me. i've said this soooo many times. i really need something big from you now. really >.<

you lucked out at 11:40 PM

i wanna be with you* :)

candi :)
i love my cookie, hieu :)
i love eating eating mushy marshmallows, they taste wayyy good :) i like little pony, care bears and sailor moon, my heroes :)
as you can see i love :), the smiley face. and when at home, i'm a total slob. mess everywhere. no table manners. no nothing. ultimate relaxation! muAhahha =D i fear loneliness :(

fellow earthlings
f r e d d y
s a r a

i miss hieu! and i'm sooo tired =/
i got all As for the tests =D

wishes* & dreams*
oooh i wanna be where hieu is :(
i'm going to grow my hair out... i've decided i don't suit short hair too well. they won't stay when styled =/ give me 2-3 months! ahhh so far away >.

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